The choreographers-performers, Romane Peytavin and Pierre Piton, who founded La PP in 2018 met at La Manufacture - High School of Performing Arts in Lausanne being part of the first dance Bachelor of Switzerland. In 2016, they created «Capillotractée » which was presented at the Quarts d’Heure de Sévelin in Lausanne and came to the finals of the contest Danse Élargie at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.

The company then became associated artist with l’Abri - Geneva for the season 2018-2019. In the frame of that exchange the duet developed Dédicace a one-to-one performance showed during the festival Antigel in February 2019 which led in May 2019 to the presentation of Farewell Body at l’Arsenic Lausanne. Farewell Body was recently selected to be part of the Swiss Dance Days 2022, international platform for the promotion of the Swiss choreographic arts. In 2022, La PP coproduces Open/Closed, a solo choreographed by Pierre Piton and premiering at Tanzhaus Zürich.


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Romane Peytavin

After studying contemporary dance at the Regional Conservatory of Montpellier, Romane joined La Manufacture - High school of performing arts in Lausanne where she graduated in 2017, under the artitic supervision of Thomas Hauert. During her training, she worked with several choreographers: David Zambrano, Fabrice Mazliah, Alejandro Ahmed and Deborah Hay.
In 2016, she participated in the Quarts d'Heure of Sévelin in Lausanne and in Danse Elargie at the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris as a performer in the play Capillotractée by Pierre Piton.
Since 2017, she has been dancing for different choreographers including Jozsef Trefeli and Mike Winter in the piece #2050 ; for the company ALIAS in the piece Normal. ; for the choreographer Yasmine Hugonnet in EXTENSIONS project and in the piece CANON AND ON AND ON... choreographing by Mark Lorimer.
Her career is marked by her meeting with the choreographer Maud Blandel, with whom she has worked since her beginnings as a dancer. She take over a rôle in the piece Touch Down and participates in the creation of the productions Lignes de conduite and Double Septet, the latter is a collaboration with the New Contemporary Ensemble and the Castel Namerata ensemble.
At the same time, she founded the company La PP in collaboration with Pierre Piton, both associate artists of the 18/19 season at L’Abri. The same year, the duet produced their first piece Farewell Body as well as the performance Dédicace.

Pierre Piton

After a first training at the National Conservatory of Paris, Pierre studied at La Manufacture Lausanne, under the artistic direction of Thomas Hauert (2014-2017). Upon obtaining his Bachelor's degree, he joined Corpus at the Royal Danish Theater in Copenhagen where he performed for Martin Forsberg, Christian Falsnaes and Ioannis Mandafounis.
Meanwhile, he presented "Capillotractée", his first choreographic work, for Danse Élargie at the Théâtre De la Ville in Paris and at the Quarts d'Heure de Sévelin in Lausanne.
Between 2018 and 2021, he dances for Ioannis Mandafounis, Philippe Saire, Mark Lorimer, Marthe Krummenacher and assists Natasza Gerlach and Anna-Marija Adomaytité. From 2018 Pierre founded La PP, in collaboration with Romane Peytavin, and became Associated Artist at l’Abri Geneva. In that frame the duo creates Dédicace for the Antigel Festival in February 2019 and presented Farewell Body at the Arsenic Lausanne in May 2019.
As of June 2019, Pierre joined the collective The Field Zürich where he works with Simone Aughterlony, Meg Stuart, Monica Gillette and Isabel Lewis. In 2022, he creates the solo Open/Closed premiering at Tanzhaus Zürich, it is supported by the Réseau Grand Luxe and the platform Dance & Dramaturgy, and produced by La PP.

The company performed...

Project Venue Date
Farewell Body 22 October 2022
Dédicace11 September 2022
Dédicace04 September 2022
Dédicace04 September 2022
Dédicace03 September 2022
Dédicace03 September 2022
Dédicace20 July 2022
Dédicace19 July 2022
Dédicace18 July 2022
Dédicace17 July 2022
Dédicace16 July 2022
Dédicace14 July 2022
Dédicace13 July 2022
Dédicace12 July 2022
Dédicace11 July 2022
Dédicace10 July 2022
Dédicace15 May 2022
Dédicace14 May 2022
Dédicace13 May 2022
Dédicace12 May 2022
Open/Closed20 March 2022
Open/Closed19 March 2022
Open/Closed18 March 2022
Open/Closed17 March 2022
Open/Closed06 March 2022
Open/Closed05 March 2022
Open/Closed04 March 2022
Farewell Body03 February 2022
Farewell Body02 February 2022
Farewell Body21 November 2021
Farewell Body20 November 2021
Dédicace17 October 2021
Dédicace29 August 2020
Dédicace28 August 2020
Dédicace27 August 2020
Dédicace22 August 2020
Dédicace21 August 2020
Dédicace20 August 2020
Farewell Body02 November 2019
Farewell Body 05 May 2019
Farewell Body 04 May 2019
Farewell Body 03 May 2019
Farewell Body 02 May 2019
Dédicace16 February 2019
Dédicace15 February 2019
Dédicace14 February 2019